Subscription Policy

Subscription/Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your subscription at any time during the free trial period and you will not be charged. 

You will be sent a reminder email 7 days before a free trial ends. If you elect to cancel your subscription any time after the free trial period, your subscription will be canceled at the end of your current billing period. After canceling, you can still renew your membership until the billing period ends. 

You will get a reminder email to update your payment information 1 month before your card on file expires. If your payment fails, Stripe will retry 3 days, then 6 days, and then 9 days after the original attempt. You will receive an email each time a payment attempt fails, including retries. After all the retries fail, the membership will cancel. 

How to cancel your Subscription

You have two ways to cancel your subscription:

Deleting your account

When you cancel your subscription, your account does not automatically delete. We do this so that you have the opportunity to go back and retrieve your account at any time you want to renew. 

If you are wanting to delete your account and all of its associated data, you can do this within the app.  

All of your account data will be deleted besides the messages that you have sent others.