#3 The Vision (11/19/2021)

Start with purpose, then create you vision around that purpose.

What happens when we support others? We lift them up, we help them become stronger, we help them become wiser, and we help them win.

The vision is that people will come together to achieve more, live happier and fulfilled lives, and help other do the same. The Hero Culture app will connect people with others and connect people with their inner self. 

By asking ourselves “who am I” and “what do I value”, we start defining our purpose in life. As we can answer these two questions more clearly, we redefine and strengthen our focus on what is important. 

It is subtle at first, but we notice that we feel different. Knowing who we are and what we value gives us a direction. We may not know exactly what to do at first, but we know where we need to go. We start doing little things that move us forward. We develop healthy habits that stack on top of each other.  We set goals.

Suddenly, we are checking the boxes of our dreams. We look back, and we realize that we are accomplishing way more than we ever have. Because our purpose has been in front of us, we aren't just doing things because we have to; we are doing things because it is who we are and what we value.  By realizing this, we have a greater sense of happiness and fulfillment.

When our cup overflows, it spills and reaches everyone around us. These people are inspired by us to accomplish their dreams. These people have our support, and go on to start their journey turning what they dream to do, to what they did, then sharing what they've done. And thus, then inspiring and supporting everyone they can reach.

So, with just starting to answer those two questions for ourselves, we create a positive butterfly effect that can change the world

-Nick Leehy