#2 The Purpose of Hero Culture (11/12/2021)

Happy Friday Heroes!

What does purpose mean?

Purpose is the “why”. Everything we do is built around this. The strongest companies are built with their purpose as their foundation. Purpose cannot just be anything, it must be measurable. A company must be able to ask themselves “Am I succeeding or failing my purpose?” When I first created a purpose statement, it was wordy and just didn’t quite hit the mark. Hero Culture’s old purpose statement:

“Create and help a community of people who achieve more, live happier and fulfilled lives, and inspire others to do the same.”

The reason why this didn’t quite work was because it isn’t easily measurable. Focusing on what we do specifically, we figured out how we can measure our success. With that we updated our purpose statement:

“To support people in what they do.”

I want to talk about why we chose this statement and what supporting people means to us. There are a bunch of things you can do to support someone but here are 10 ways to support someone that we take on with our app:

BELIEVE IN THEM- Everyone needs someone that tells them “You can accomplish your dreams.” Just by sharing this belief, it sparks a bigger flame to get them going.

ENCOURAGE THEM- Sometimes you come to a big bump in the road or things take an unexpected turn. A friendly reminder of the last thing you overcame or a simple “You can do it” can go a long way.

EXPECT A LOT- The moments we are most proud of ourselves are when our success exceeds our expectations. With a higher expectation set, the rise to the occasion will be that much more meaningful.

TELL THE TRUTH- Honesty really is the best policy. Sometimes we need someone to show us the reality to make sure we are consistent and honest with ourselves too.

BE A ROLE MODEL- The power of a good role model or mentor can really change the course of your life. Not everyone has one, but everyone needs at least one.

SHARE YOURSELF- Being open with others is the best way develop a strong connection. Everyone has something to share, and you can learn something from anyone. 

CHALLENGE THEM- The challenge is: be the best you that you can be. With that come several mini challenges that all lead to improving different aspects of your life.

ASK GOOD QUESTIONS- To truly help people, you must ask open-ended questions and listen to what people really need. Some questions can even inspire a positive change in someone’s life.

ACKNOWLEDGE THEM- People feel validity when they are acknowledged. They either find it internally or search for it externally. A “Congrats” or “Good Job” is the simplest of acknowledgements.

SPEND TIME WITH THEM- Genuine human connection can not be replaced with anything. Quality time communicating with another person fills a spot that can not be filled another way.

Hero Culture is committed to supporting people in what they do. Being involved with any aspect of Hero Culture means that you are a part of this purpose too. This is our purpose because we know that this is the support we can give, and more importantly, this is the support that people need.

-Nick Leehy