#17 The Power of Vision Boards (4/29/2022)

A Vision Board is a place where you can visually create what your ideal life would look like. It is a place where you put your dreams and long-term goals. 

Some people use a big poster board, cut out pictures in magazines, use tons of glitter, and make it a whole arts and crafts project. I have seen others just create a small list of where they would like to be in 5 to 10 years. Either way, there is so many benefits of taking your goals and dreams, putting them down on a place where you can visually see, and looking back at them often. 

When times are tough, it helps remind you of where you are going and why. Even when times are great, it helps keep you focused on what you really want outside of what everyone else wants. There is a surreal feeling when you have had a goal on your vision board that you used to only dream about, but now you live it. 

Vision Boards are a big part of Hero Culture. Every Hero on the app will have a vision board they can create and share. Our goals and dreams make up a huge part of who we are, so that is why our vision boards are located on our profile pages. 

-Nick Leehy