#26 The Hero Program (10/20/2022)

How to be successful in any area of life in 5 steps:

1. Pay Attention to Intention

2. Set Commitments

3. Act Now

4. Check In

5. Review, Reflect, Repeat

Here I will cover the Hero Program more in depth. If you follow these 5 steps, you will have a heroic day.

1.      Pay Attention to Intention

Think of 5 tasks that you can do today to set yourself up for a better tomorrow. (See post #24 about The Hero List.Think about specific actions that get you closer to your goals, dreams, values, or progress you in who you are. This also doesn’t have to just mean that you only do things for yourself. If you value friendships, an example of a task can be to do something nice for someone else.

2.      Set Commitments.

Write these 5 things down where you can easily go back and see them. By writing these down, you are saying that you are committed to doing these 5 things before your day ends no matter what. If you do these 5 things, you can consider that day a win no matter what the outcome is.

3.      Act NOW!

Get working on getting your list done as soon as you have finished writing it. The race is on. The sooner you get started on it, the more likely you are to finish it before the day is done. Don’t let yourself start procrastinating. Go get that win!

4.      Check In.

Schedule times throughout the day to make sure you are on track and making progress. Are you doing what you said you would do? If you realize you are off-track on a check in, then go work on one of your tasks right then. (The easier the better.) Even if you think you can’t fully complete it right at that second, start the motions to get yourself ready to finish it and check it off ASAP.

5.      Review, Reflect, Repeat

Think and write about your day. Did you do all 5 of your tasks? What obstacles did you overcome? What did you miss and what could you have done to change your outcome? What did you learn from today? How have you progressed towards your goals, dreams, values, and being a better version of yourself? Write down your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and start thinking of new commitments for tomorrow.


The best practice is to start you day off with Step 1 and 2. Start it before you check your phone, answer emails, or consume any media. This sets you up for a proactive day instead of being reactive to any messages, emails, or things that can distract you from your purpose. Ending your day on step 5 allows you to get everything out while it is still fresh, and really dive deep into your personal development.

 I have been doing this for years. I was not great at it to start, but I kept working to get better and better at it. Stay committed, work hard, and trust this process exactly how it is for 2 weeks, and then you will see the results start! The longer you do this and the more intentional you are about your tasks, the better the results. Shoot down any excuses that pop-up, I believe in you!


-Nick Leehy