#8 The Crazy Ambitious Deadline (1/3/2022)

Before I had even said anything about finishing by the end of the year, I had my heart set on finishing the app by December 31st. So that begs the question: Is it released yet? No. 

But as of December 31st, 2021 I have completed and officially uploaded the app to review by Google for the Google Play Store. (Review Process takes 2-7 days and I am currently awaiting results) Apple App Store is next! 

I have learned a ton of things striving for this crazy ambitious goal. and one of those things is that I may be able to work several 20-hour days while running into uncountable roadblocks that challenge my motivation and self-discipline, but my purpose stays strong. Also, I knew I would run into roadblocks that I could not possibly foresee or quantify how long it would take to find a solution. But by having several deadlines, I was able to keep myself on track and learn which areas I would have to allocate more time.  

Anyone who signs up will be added to the list of exclusive first users of the Hero Culture app, and will be receiving an email with a link to the app in the Google Play Store! There are already some Android users with the app downloaded on their phone right now! 

-Nick Leehy