#7 Sharing Our Dreams (12/30/2021)

There are so many benefits to sharing or dreams with others. 

Hero Culture is THE app that helps you accomplish, share, and connect with others by your goals and dreams! 

I included a screenshot of the app. It shows one of my biggest dreams: owning a Dodge Viper. (and even more specifically a 2017 Dodge Viper ACR in the same color as the picture) 

Hero Culture App

I found that a lot of times we get busy and forget about our dreams. Sometimes we just get caught up with whatever we currently have going on. Then once we finally look back at what we have done, we feel the regret of not pursuing our dreams. In the app, there is a special place to go back and view all of our dreams. 

I created this special post design so that we care share our dreams. Sharing our dreams with others help us mentally. It forces us to focus more on our dreams, which in turn validates it in our own minds. Because dreams are personal, we are opening up to others which takes that vulnerability and helps us build strength and self-confidence. These are just some of the mental health benefits to sharing our dreams. There are even more benefits when we share our dreams on the Hero Culture App! 

-Nick Leehy