#16 Purpose Driven and Ethical Technology (4/21/2022)

"Social Media constructs our reality, and it uses our attention as currency. The main use of social media is for selfish reasons, and it should be for service. Social networking companies capitalize on affirmation and not information."

The internet is so vast, yet social networking tries to cram the whole internet into its platforms. Also, the algorithms are created to capture and maintain our attention for the longest possible time. These 2 factors leave us busy with consuming content/information. The more we consume the less we create and live. The information overload also creates unnecessary competition for our attention between relevant and not relevant information, many times leaving important information overlooked. Then, we often find ourselves “down the rabbit hole” consuming content that is not relevant to our goals, our dreams, and our values. A simpler social network, that not only focuses us on our goals, dreams, and values, but also challenges us to expand ourselves would serve us and lead us to a happier and more fulfilling life.

There is a social networking platform that is centered around one’s purpose (who they are and what they value). Instead of creating our realities, it only serves to highlight our past, encourage us to live in the present, and challenge us to work towards our idea of a compelling future (our goals and dreams). Businesses that seek to market their products/services will be rewarded if they prove quality, community trust, and relevance to solve problems that help move us closer towards our purpose/compelling future. There are no affirmational features, so there is no competition for attention to acquire external affirmation. The platform serves us inspiration and motivation. It also has tools that help strengthen our self-discipline and purpose. This social network helps us progress towards our goals and dreams while supporting others in their journey.

This social networking platform I am talking about is Hero Culture.

-Nick Leehy