#25 Profile Page and Purpose (9/29/2022)

The most successful and happy people contribute their wins to a basic set of principles.

Principle #1: focusing on purpose.

This is your “Why”. It’s the reason you get up in the morning. It’s the reason you push yourself to be better at something or better as a person. The more you focus on the reason, the more drive (or strength) you have to overcome any obstacles between you and your “why”.

Purpose is made up of two parts: 

1. Who you are.

2. Your values.

Being a doctor is just part 1 of purpose. You must have something you value while being a doctor or something that makes you a valuable doctor. You could say that you want to be the most soothing doctor you can be, or maybe you are just the most knowledgeable on a certain subject.

Even a chair has the two parts of purpose: 

1. being a chair 

2. the qualities that make it a valuable chair (whether it be design, quality of materials, or utility)

One of the cool things about being human, is that we can have many different purposes and even evolve and find new purposes. We may not always have the same occupation, lifestyle, or even personal values. We are allowed to change. We are allowed to be complex. And we are allowed do and experience many different things.

Focusing on purpose just means focusing on who you are and your values.

Hero Culture focuses you on your purpose in many different ways. On your profile, where it says “I am..” and “I value..”, you can see those parts of your purpose.

This is there for you to go back to and refocus on the reason that drives you to overcome your obstacles.

Also, not to mention, sharing your purpose with people give them a deeper understanding and connection to you resulting in more genuine and stronger relationships. (That's a win/win!)

I, myself, go back and review my profile all the time. I also find that it is very helpful mentally to unplug from everything else that is going on in life, and purely just focus on who I am and what I value. In quiet times, I find answers, drive, and can reset myself to get back on track to my goals and dreams. 

-Nick Leehy