Post #1: Welcome Heroes (11/02/2021)

Hello Heroes!

I want to start off by saying, I appreciate you. I appreciate that you are taking your valuable time to read this first blog post. I plan on posting new content every week.

I want the people who visit this website and follow my blog to receive something special. So here I will be sharing exclusive content that I will not be sharing on other medias!

There will be some content that is shared across all media, but I will have something special for the “Heroes”. Some of the content will include motivational speeches, life tips/hacks, interviews with top achievers and people who support our community, ideas for solutions to our common problems, and of course, I will be sharing updates about the app.

Hero Culture App

Short story about the app:

 “In the beginning I wanted to make an app that helps people focus on and ultimately achieve their goals. I noticed people were more excited and happier when they talked about their dreams and goals. Their whole being would radiate positivity. People become much more alive when they have something significant to work towards. Their blood gets pumping and their body just wants to move because it’s something that they’re passionate about. When people share their hopes and dreams with others, they make stronger and more meaningful connections. The people they talk to now understand a deeper part of them. By taking a few moments to review their goals, it helped them nurture a visualization of their success. This visualization strengthened their belief and confidence in themselves. 

So just by focusing on and sharing your goals/hopes/dreams, you get a massive boost in your mental health, your physical health, your emotional health, and your spiritual health. This is when I realized I can create Hero Culture to do much more for people.”

 If you saw that this is also on the home page, you are probably wondering why I am reciting it here. This is a very important part of who Hero Culture is. Support for people is the foundation that Hero Culture is built on top of. This is the reason for sharing and developing the app. There is much more to say, so keep checking back and sign-up!


Once again, I thank you, and I welcome you to Hero Culture!

-Nick Leehy