#19 Making Your Life Better Daily (5/19/2022)

Sometime between my high school and college years, I came up with this concept of thinking “What are 5 things that I can do today that will set me up to have a better tomorrow?” I would make a list with a few things I could do that if I did them, I would consider that day a success no matter what the outcome was.

I still remember the first handful of things that made my list: lay out my outfit for the day the night before, fit in 30 minutes of guitar practice, make a new connection through social media, make my bed in the morning, focus on increasing a specific task’s efficiency.

It started small, but I consistently looked for ways to make my life better and built up those habits. And guess what?! Life is immensely better!

You don’t have to take my word for it though. Andy Frisella, entrepreneur and CEO of 1st Phorm, has been doing the same exact thing with his “Power List”. He explains: If you complete these 5 Daily Critical Tasks, you can consider that day a win. Do them consistently, and then you stack up enough wins for a week, then a month, then a year, then a lifetime. His life is an example of stacking up these wins and successes.

This concept is so important and so lifechanging, that it is part of the Hero Culture App!

This is Hero Culture. 

-Nick Leehy