#18 Intention vs Attention (5/11/2022)

Every single social platform is built on the currency of attention. Likes, shares, follows, views, and reactions are all part of this social currency. The more we have this attention, the better we think our lives are. The attention brings validation, affirmation, provides confidence, and can strongly influence our self-worth. The dangerous thing is that this is only coming from the external environment, which is very hard to control. And if we as people rely on this unstable form of validation, our confidence will be ultimately damaged. Which is what has happened to us ever since the rise of social media. 

Instead of attention, Hero Culture is built on the currency of intention. Intention forms from our purpose, goals, dreams, and what we want in life. The more we live intentionally, the better our lives are. Living intentionally brings us internal validation and strengthens our confidence and our self-worth. The best way to start building self-confidence is to keep the promises you make to yourself. When we build this strength internally it creates a strong foundation within ourselves that help us overcome external obstacles. When we have the confidence to achieve all that we dream of, we live a happier and more fulfilled life. 

This is Hero Culture. 

-Nick Leehy