#13 Intention to Promote Ideal Living (3/12/2022)

This is very exciting, because about a month ago I stumbled upon a Netflix documentary, "The Social Dilemma". I highly recommend watching it, as it dives deep into the problems that are created by today's social media and technology. This is something I have been very passionate about solving and is the major driving factor of creating Hero Culture in the first place. 

This podcast features Tristan Harris, the leading force behind this documentary, and The Center for Humane Technology. In the podcast, her speaks of a solution: a platform based on intention instead of attention. About 45 minutes in, he speaks of a calendar as a life planner. We all have what we want to do and our goals, and then the application would help us solve and plan for these so we can live our ideal lives. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HERO CULTURE IS ABOUT. 

The research and the ideals behind everything in this podcast align with what Hero Culture is. I am thoroughly impressed and glad to have found someone else who supports this mission in wanting a platform that works for humanity! 

Give this podcast a listen, and you will learn a great deal about what Hero Culture has been working to solve and what Hero Culture is!

-Nick Leehy