#20 How to NEVER be "Bored" (5/26/2022)

It is a rainy day. No one wants to hang out. You have watched nearly every tv series that looked interesting and maybe even some that were completely wastes of time. You are bored. How do you beat the boredom and get off the couch?

Think about something you want of dream to have in life. It does not have to be physical object. It can be an experience or a feeling. If you can think of something you want, you can find something to do!

One of the questions I ask myself whenever I am starting to feel like I am stuck/bored is “what can I be doing right now to move forward in my dreams?”

Now all I do is solve for what I can do to move forward. Sometimes it helps me to visualize what life would look like if I were exactly where I wanted to be. Let’s say my dream was to be on the beach in the Bahamas. I would visualize the hot sun against my skin, and then I would think “Well, if I want to be comfortable on the beach the Bahamas, I better make sure I am comfortable with myself. This reminds me of a physical health goal that I have, and now what I can do is go to the gym or do some at-home workouts.” 

This is just one quick example. I could also, do some research on how to plan that trip and estimate costs, make a list of things I would like to do while I am there, and move some supplies or outfits to my shopping cart/wish-list. Anything I can do now to get me closer or make my dreams feel more real is progress and beats being bored.

As long as you have things you want in life, you will never be bored. With a little bit of creativity and problem solving, you can wok up an infinite number of things to do.

It may sound cheesy, but get up the couch and make your dreams a reality!

-Nick Leehy