#10 Deeper Meaning (1/21/2022)

I want people to be able to share their goals and dreams, and be able to reach out for help beyond their inner circle. I want creators, innovators, and people who accomplish things with their life to stick out from the noise and be able to share their contribution without being overlooked, shoved to the side, and underappreciated. The distractions that comes with today’s social media significantly hinder these goals. 

News feeds are full of so much "stuff". When we spend our time scrolling through the feed, we consume what consumes our time. We are are being fed:

On top of all of these things, we are trying to share our accomplishments, our dreams, and our need for help. With everything in one place, it not only makes it overwhelming, it makes it very hard, and sometimes impossible to receive the support we need when we post it. 

Hero Culture App

With all of this other "stuff" constantly in front of us, it becomes easy to lose track of our goals, dreams, and our purpose. But our goals, dreams, and our purpose is what gives us meaning. And what happens when we lose track of our meaning? 

We feel lost. 

It is in this lost feeling, where we make decisions that alter the path of our life. If we choose to "find ourselves" by revisiting our goals, dreams, and purpose, then we get back on track and we feel whole again. But quite too often, this doesn't happen. Often, we get sucked back into consuming all of the "stuff" hoping to find ourselves again, but the sad reality is, we won't. The only way to find ourselves again is by remembering our goals, our dreams, and our purpose. 

The Hero Culture app excludes all the "stuff" for a reason. It's because we deserve to be seen, be heard, and be supported. We don't want to be lost; we want to be found. We deserve a platform where we can share our goals, our dreams, our purpose, and ask for help without being drowned by the noise of all the other "stuff". Hero Culture is about supporting us. Hero Culture is for us. 

-Nick Leehy