#23 Competition and Drive (8/25/2022)

Ever have one of those breakthrough moments where it stops you in your tracks? I was wrapping up with some final touches on the app and then I realized that I was missing something VERY important. 

This app is built around accomplishing your goals and dreams. I thought back to the times I was most driven and when I had the biggest wins of my life. Yes, it was when I accomplished goals, but there was one other element that stuck out. Competition. 

Whenever it was a goal to compete, especially against someone else, I worked harder and felt that much more accomplished when I won. I noticed that in myself, whenever there wasn't competition, I did not work as hard, I wasn't as focused, and I didn't accomplish as much. 

Competition is very powerful in pushing us forward, and with that being said, I have decided that element will be the last thing I will implement in the app before its release. 

I have developed a game within the app, and with this competition people will be more driven to reach their goals and dreams. The best part is, they will be doing this without even thinking about it!

I am super excited to share this game, as it has provided tremendous value to myself already!

-Nick Leehy