#6 Building a Team (12/22/2021)

With Christmas around the corner, I know we all have been busier than ever. Hero Culture has been especially busy getting everything in place for the launch and post-launch. With a bunch of parts moving into place, I have not been able to keep up with updates/news on the app. (good news is, the Hero Culture app is still on schedule to launch December 31st, 2021)


So far, Hero Culture has been fully funded, developed, and ran by just one person (myself). That includes app development, website development, social media updates, business activities and planning, and everything else that went into the making of Hero Culture. With that being said, I am looking for qualified and ambitious candidates to make this a team effort. This was never intended to be a “one-man show” and it cannot reach its full potential without a great team.


What I look for in a candidate: 

-someone who likes to solve problems

-someone who believes doing the bare minimum is not an option

-someone who is confident in being able to step into a role that may be outside of their comfort zone

-someone who can research to find the best options to make informed decisions

-someone who can make decisions independently while being focused on the mission and purpose

-someone who lives the Hero Culture lifestyle (someone who is kind, honest, respectful, driven)


If you are interested in becoming part of the team, fill out the Contact form or email me at: TheHeroCulture@gmail.com

-Nick Leehy