#37 Creating Momentum in your Life (7/13/2023)

Create momentum for your life by simply doing one thing for yourself that gets you closer to your goals.

Here is a quick and dirty example:

If you want to be in a better shape than you were when you were back in high school, then aim for a number you had back in high school.

It might be weight, how much you can bench, how fast you can run a mile, or whatever.

Now make it your goal to best that number.

What can you do to get be better than right now?

It obviously involves some kind of disciplined physical activity, diet, and lifestyle change.

Just pick ONE thing, do that, and track it.

After you do this, you will suddenly feel the burst of momentum.

It's like magic.

You will be there thinking, "let's goo!", "yeah, I got this!", and "I am going to do it!".

You are so pumped at the progress you made simply by doing what you said you would do.

Almost nothing can bring you down from this.

(Until you realize that you have just gotten started, and you have a lonnngggg way to go..)

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