#36 What is Social Media Actually used for? (6/15/2023)

LinkedIn is for your professional profile, resume, and trying to look your best for employers.

Tik Tok is for entertaining videos and copycat trends.

Twitter is for clever one-liners, short replies, and saying the wildest things with very few characters.

Instagram is for showing only the good sides and highlights of yourself in photos.

Facebook is for sharing your opinions, feelings, and whatever you want with people that you met maybe once in your life.

All of these platforms are built around the attention economy: it's about getting likes, shares, followers, and seeking interaction from others.

Hero Culture is for creating a timeline of your goals, dreams, progress, and what you do. The timeline is for you to look back at, but it's also there for others to become motivated and inspired. It's for making connections with people on similar paths, because having an accountability partner is everything. The app guides you, reminds you, and serves you so that you can reach your goals, your dreams, and make great connections.

Hero Culture is built on intention: it's about getting to your goals, your dreams, and living a better life.

This is the first social platform ever to be built on intention and not attention.

Our Vision: To inspire a community of people who will achieve more, live happier and fulfilled lives, and help others to do the same

Right now, we rely heavily on word of mouth. We need all the help we can get.

You can download the app from the Apple App or Google Play Stores, or simply use this link