#35 Go ALL IN (5/11/2023)

Be intentional and Go ALL IN!

If you are going to do something, you might as well fully dive in and embrace every aspect of doing that thing.

I think many of us were taught wrong when we were younger because of a scarcity or fearful mindset that our parents had. We were taught to try just a little bit of something. “Just try a little bit, then if it hurts, it won’t be as bad.” This started with food when we were young, but then the “trying just a little” also applied for activities as we grew older. Before long, we grew up into young adults that had tried “just a little” of a lot of things but now has no real clue on what we really want to do with our life.

We never fully dove into something, applied 125% or more of our efforts into that one thing, and just kept with it long enough to see if it was meant for us. Instead, we picked up a bunch of different hobbies and interests, but never really took them anywhere. Some of us might feel like we are floating around and don’t know our purpose. I think that there is a deep link between going all in on something and finding your purpose.

Going all-in, diving face first into the deep end, or however you want to say it; when you give your all for an extended amount of time on one specific thing, that is when you will find out who you are and what you truly value (your purpose).