#32 Spend More Attention on Yourself (4/1/2023)

Today we live in an attention economy. So many people and companies are fighting for your attention. They got really good at getting us to spend our attention on them and not on ourselves. 

We do not spend enough attention on ourselves. We don't sit with ourselves enough. We don't work on ourselves enough. In every in between second, we pick up our phone and spend our attention elsewhere. 

With the Hero Culture App, it doesn't sell your attention to the highest bidder. Instead, it brings your attention to your intention. It forces you to focus simply on what your goals, dreams, and what you need to do to accomplish them are. 

Many times, we distract ourselves and give our attention away when things aren't necessarily easy. This is a common way we escape our problems, but at the same time we are running away from our dreams. If we just spent some attention on ourselves, we would be able to sit and figure out the solutions to our problems. 

Many times, we know what to do, but we simply won't get started because it isn't comfortable. If we took the time and attention to work through the solutions and see that it actually isn't so bad to deal with some temporary un-comfortability to get to our dreams, then we would choose to live our dreams more times than we do now. 

That's the key. 

Just by regaining our attention and spending it on ourselves, we will go after and live our dreams more than what we do now. 

It isn't about doing it always, or being perfect and choosing the less comfortable path so we grow 100% of the time. 

It's about simply being better than we are today.

This is Hero Culture.

-Nick Leehy