Nick Leehy

Short Biography

Growing up, Nickolas Leehy, was very competitive, very compassionate, and fascinated by psychology. 

In 2019, Nick developed a business and marketing plan for the start of Hero Culture and presented the marketing plan for a college assignment. While in college, he worked part-time as a car salesman. He was able to reach and maintain "President's Club" status as a part-time employee. He graduated in December with a bachelor's in business administration/marketing.

In 2020, Nick had a record-breaking month (most cars sold in a month, most extended service plans sold in a month, most cars bought in a month, while also maintaining the highest customer rating) in the shortest month of the year. After that, he immediately wanted something more. Nick then dedicated more time learning everything he could about personal development, psychology, and mentorship.

In 2021, after the change in the car market, Nick moved to the insurance industry. It was only 3 months as an insurance agent before he outsold all of the veterans in his office. Nick simultaneously started learning UI/UX design and the psychology of design to start creating his app idea. From there he wanted to hire professional developers to build the app. After realizing that he wouldn't be able to gather the funds necessary to build this big project, he decided that he would have to learn and develop the first version of the Hero Culture app himself. 

In 2022, Nick went all in on Hero Culture. He focused all of his time on building the app and learning everything he could about business, design, and development. He created "The Hero Program" as a written guide he could follow daily to keep him motivated and focused

In 2023, the Hero Culture App was completed and approved by Google Play and Apple App stores for a public release. 

On April 7th, 2023, the Hero Culture App was released to Google Play and Apple App Stores. 

Today, Nick is expanding the Hero Culture community and resources to support people in the pursuit of their goals and dreams. 

Skills in every area of business

Nick Leehy is behind every aspect of Hero Culture:







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But Wait There's More

Nick Leehy also owns a software development company: Straight to MVP

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